Company Name

Seehog China Custom Brokerage


Huangpu port, Guangzhou



Primary Contact Person

Trista Cao

Principal business Activity

Seehog China Custom Clearance Brokerage Co., Ltd. operates customs declaration businesses. The Company provides customs agent, freight forwarding, customs clearance, inspection, foreign trade, and other services. Seehog China Custom Brokerage conducts businesses in China. Professional handle clearance for DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT parcel stuck in china. This is Trista from Seehog China Customs Clearance Brokerage. We provide imported customs clearance and logistics service in China. I'm glad to receive your proposal. I can offer you below assistant: 1.I can advise what document supplier need to provide for customs clearance in China. There are lots of shipment stuck in china customs because of missing document. 2. If china buyer no imported license, they can use our license for imported declaration. Our China Customs clearance service advantage: 1.Fast customs clearance 2.Professional clearance advisor 3.simple clearance procedure

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