Company Name

In Time Wholesale Express Ltd.


Unit 1, David Road Colnbrook Berkshire SL3 0DB


United Kingdom

Primary Contact Person

Steve Turner

Principal business Activity

A mention of the IN TIME brand traditionally generates thoughts of our market leading express, B2C and freight services to Russia – products which have supplied the courier and freight industry with speed and solid reliability to a challenging destination for over 10 years. As we reach our 15th birthday at the start of 2018, IN TIME has started to mean so much more to those in the know. A strategic expansion of our core portfolio now sees the company catering for bespoke logistical requirements to any destination. Customers, who include some of the largest logistics companies in the World, entrust us with their most time critical, unusual, or otherwise non-networkable consignments, which we deliver via a range of service options. As a fully accredited member of IATA, and having enhanced our already extensive list of overseas agent partners with membership to the Pangea Logistics Network - where we were voted 2016 Best Service Partner, plus our recent joining of the X2 Critical Network, we have the reach and local knowledge. From an envelope of documents, to out-of-gauge items and much more, each individual movement is planned and executed with enthusiasm and professionalism. Whether you are working to a budget or a deadline, IN TIME will create the solution to best accommodate your needs. IN TIME aims to become a valuable addition to your preferred suppliers list. To find out more, please get in contact with us!

Member of Network

Pangea Logsitics Network & X2 Critical

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