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Since the first day we started providing international freight forwarding services, we have changed the traditional understanding of "logistics" as just transporting into building bridges of trust among countries. Our "Faultless service" policy, which is adopted by our expert team in the field, is the most important reason for our international success we have achieved so far. We provide our high quality partial service on a weekly basis in all Turkey's 81 provinces and we group them in Izmir and Istanbul centers and from there to Romania, Iraq and Iran. We accomplish the transmission of your desired products, whether you're sending one parcel or one project, with the same precision. We offer the most convenient transportation in the market within a short period with the advantage of having offices located in the aforementioned countries, these features distinguish us from other rival companies. We minimize the time lost for bureaucratic reasons at the Iraqi customs; Even if you don’t have customs’ code, we provide you with the necessary paperwork plus taking care of your products in terms of inspection and clearance. Thanks to our team at the customs, your products won’t be held up or delayed in customs. Our core principles are “Accuracy”, “Transparency”, “Honesty” and our concept is “Competition in Service and Price”. Based on these we are honored to see you among the companies with which we have long-term partnership.

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